Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Mosaic Sign at Strata Florida

One of the open day events at Strata Florida Abbey was a mosaic workshop. This was was open to all visitors and produced an archway or door made in mosaic. This was glued onto paper temporarily untill I had the time to make it into some kind of finished work. At the end of the open day event I took away a piece of off-cut slate left at the site, and I thought the mosaic arch could be inserted into the slate to create a sign.

the inspiration for our sign

visitors making the mosaic

wetting the paper and peeling off to reveal the mosaic

the finished inlaid mosaic sign.
  I have uploaded a selection of images to create a slide show showing the sign being made at the initial mosaic workshop, and then its progression through several stages untill finished. It looks good in my back garden at the moment, but when I next travel to the site I will hand it over the staff at Strata Florida.

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