Monday, June 11, 2012

End Part One

I have completed the first part of this commission, that also means grouting. The heavy rain has delayed site preparation at the Welsh end of things. So I will start a slate sign started on the open day at Strata Florida.
In the mean time before work starts on site here is the actual poem I have been working on, written by Gwyneth Lewis especially commissioned by CADW for the site.

Strata Florida.......

Soil is the dead
Of all ages. Pass
Through this door
Into Christ, the expanding
Universe. Dimension:
Wonder. Uplands bare,
Riches below. Through
This door, be proud
As a blackbird,
Where the humble fern
Blossomed to stone,
Then back again. This
Door. Find your own elsewhere.
Now. The future. Then. Then now.

By Gwyneth Lewis (the first Welsh Natational Poet).

the last few words


cleaned up after grouting

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