Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You're going to write a poem on a boulder?

'You're going to write a poem on a boulder?' .......I explained this to a couple of suppliers as I sourced suitable rocks. I explained it to the tool hire company when hiring a pallet truck.  'You're going to write a poem on a boulder'? I explained it to my my neighbour who saw the boulder arrive at my workshop.

'How are you going to do that then?' Watch this blog is probably the answer to that.

'Is it an organic process?'  It most definatley is.

'How do you know it will fit on?' Because I will write it on first.

Steve at Specialist Aggregates sources boulders of different types.

The boulder arrives at my workshop
 I managed to hire a pallet truck with a hydrolic leak, which was unable to lift it up off the ground and I could'nt get it in my workshop. A nice guy drove out from the hire shop and filled the truck with fluid and asked
'Why have you got a boulder ........right .........You're going to write a poem on it? ......oh your not actually writing the poem your copying it onto it. 

I got a reduction off my hire charge as the truck was a bit rubbish.

They are Welsh Granite and will be going back to Wales. Strata Florida to be specific.

well that's woken me up.. and he couldn't even move it  

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